Welcome to visitors from abroad!

Our very danish name "Genbrugslopper" is a mix of the danish word "Genbrug", which means recycle or reuse and the danish word for fleas, so af very direct translation would be "Recycling fleas" ;-)

We sell used arts and craft, tableware, ceramics and pottery, primarily from Scandinavia and Germany. On our webshop we only have things that we like ourselves: danish and scandinavian design, retro pottery, e.g. vases from W. Germany and tableware from Staffordshire, glassware from Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

We try to buy as cheap as possible in order to offer you good items at reasonable prices.

Payment and shipping

You pay for the items and for shipping. You pay through PayPal. When you place your order, your kan choose between:

Cheap delivery - without Track &Trace

  • ​Europe: DKK 150 or 20 Euro
  • Countries outside Europe: Ask for price

Delivery with Track & Trace

  • Europe: DKK 300 or 40 Euro
  • Other countries: Ask for price

​When your goods have been shipped, we will send you an e-mail with Track & Trace-number.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us »

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